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Being a subset of AI, machine learning is changing the face of organisations.It is helping businesses scale, automate, innovate and harness the power of technology for data-driven decision making.
Bringing 24/7 availability and enabling human to machine conversation, chatbots have played a huge role in the multifold success of the organisations.
The advanced progress in NLP has made human-machine interaction possible. It has become easy and possible for the machines to process human language and provide relevant answers/solutions to it.
Every organisation today has a vision and is working to solve a problem. And modern problems require modern solutions. Powered by AI, organisations want company-specific, problem-centric custom AI development services.
AI and ML combined have enhanced the security and safety prospects. It has become easy to identify objects, faces, scenes etc. VersionQ helps create advanced models in the space of face recognition and identification.

Our AI/ML Projects

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The RBX Protocol

As part of this project, we have helped client to launch this protocol. Using this protocol you can stake your tokens, invest in DAO, swap token both onchain and crosschain. We have written decentralised bridge algorithm which takes care of the user’s token.

Technologies Used

  • Next js
  • Nest js
  • Web3 Js
  • IPFS
  • Uniswap v3
The RBX Protocol

Dione Swap

In this project, we’ve developed a DEX using which you can swap for a custom token. Apart from this swap we have also worked with the client to develop full-edged backend support for his mobile wallet app. We have used ERC4377 Smart Contract and Express for building the services of the wallet app.

Technologies Used

  • Express js
  • MonogDB
  • Solidity
  • Ethers js
  • ERC4337
Dione Swap

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Bryant Barnes

Had a great communication with the team throughout the project and finished the work on time. Understood the needs and goals clearly and delivered the job far exceeding my expectations. Truly an expert in their craft.

Matthew Symonds

Working with VersionQ was a smooth and hassle-free experience. A new complex functionality was to be added to our website. Outstanding issues were also resolved in a fair and equitable way. Looking forward to working with them again.

Josh Dye

Impressed by the detailed experience the team holds. Adept in their skillset. I always had a consistent communication channel with the team and the PM throughout the project.

Ashton Clark

The team at VersionQ strives to deliver quality solutions to its clients with this cutting-edge technology. Their work integrity reflects in their job. Very impressed !

Dane McBeth

The company was transparent with the approach and plan from the starting, inputting their viewpoint and ideas clearly. Got delivered a robust, maintainable and production-grade solution at the end.

Taj Kaler

Best experience working with VersionQ. Very knowledgeable and expert team. Completed job within the budget, timelines and desired quality. Will surely come back for future projects.

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