What Is NFT Minting – Everything You Need To Know About Minting NFTs

Along with cryptocurrencies and other famous technologies that are making a lot of noise on the internet, NFTs are making headlines everywhere, considering that they are selling for an amazing amount of money and some of them are just mind boggling.

One thing with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) is that people just know that they are for sale at a really big price, but very few know how to create one and what the process is called.

For those who do not know, the process of creating an NFT is called NFT Minting, and for many people that are new in the crypto world, this one is just a mystery because it’s a term that not many get to hear that often when they come upon this topic.

The thing is, there’s a lot more to know about NFT Minting, and if you’re trying to know what it is, you came to the right place.

What Is NFT Minting?

Before we talk about anything else, let’s talk about NFT Minting itself.

An NFT alone is a record on a blockchain that is associated with a particular digital or a physical asset and the owner of a Non-Fungible Token is recorded in blockchain, which means that it can only be transferred by the owner, making it sellable and tradable.

When it comes to NFT Minting, it is the process of making digital art. This process allows you to preserve the asset of your creation, which is similar to a work of art, or to simply create an NFT so you can sell it or trade it to potential buyers.

What Are The Benefits Of Minting An NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens)

If you are planning to mint an Non-Fungible Token, there are multiple benefits that you can get, which includes:

Ownership Options

The thing with creating a Non-Fungible Token is that numerous parties can own a stake in it or a single person can own it, and so can multiple parties.

Earn Through NFTs

Because the person that mints an NFT can trade, buy or sell stakes in the digital asset that they have made, they can make a huge earning thanks to the sales once someone purchases the digital asset.

Increase Its Value

You are allowed to store the asset’s value in a very tangible way, which means that over time, the value of the NFT can increase and it can be stored in a very secure technology, which in this case would be blockchain.

How Long Does It Take To Mint A Non-Fungible Token

It can take anywhere from hours to days and even weeks to mint a NFT.

Remember, there are platforms, tools and marketplaces that allow users or artists to render the NFT creation process in an easier way.

Basically, you would have to download a chrome extension, one that would allow you to get into major NFT marketplaces.
Once that happens, you would be required to cover your digital content into an NFT, which you would be doing by submitting the file to an NFT market and advertising it for a similar sale, which is similar to posting a video on various social media platforms.

Lastly, you have to keep in mind that you should only upload the NFT in a PNG, JPG, GIF, MP3, or MP4 file.

Note: You will also have to give it a title and subtitle, add a description, and set up royalties before you can sell the NFT in a marketplace.

What To Considering Before Minting A NFT

Here are some of the many things that you need to consider before Minting an NFT:

Choosing The Right Platform

Remember, there are multiple blockchains that back the NFT token standard, which is why choosing the right blockchain platform is a must.

Here are some of the most reliable NFT token standard platforms that you can go with if you want to mint an NFT:

1. Ethereum
2. Polkadot
3. Binance Smart Chain
4. Tron
5. EOS
6. Tezos
7. WAX
8. Flow by Dapper Labs
9. Cosmos

Connect Your Wallet

Once you have established which platform you will be going with, you want to connect your wallet.

Remember, you will be required to open a crypto wallet and connect it to the NFT marketplace that you went with.

As soon as the crypto wallet is connected and your marketplace profile has been created, you will be required to complete creating your profile or properly set it up before you can create an NFT.

After completing the creation of your profile, it is time to tell the world about what you do, which includes inserting links to your website and social media pages, particularly which crypto currencies that you will accept as payment when someone wants to purchase the NFTs that you are selling.

Create A NFT

As soon as you create a profile, it is time to create an NFT.

From the homepage of the marketplace or the platform that you are going with, you will be required to click the Create button, which is most likely to be present on the top right corner of the screen.

After that, you will be redirected to upload a digital file, followed by giving your NFT a name.

This one is also the part where you will be setting up an amount that would determine how much you will be paid in royalties in case your NFT gets sold later on.

Post It And Sell It

After the NFT has been created and has been posted on the marketplace of your choice, it would be time to sell it.

Remember, you will be allowed to pick the type of sale with any platform that you will be going with. From the fixed price, and the time of auction, you will be required to set up anything at this stage of the process of creating an NFT.

Lastly, the marketplace of your choice is also the one that would be disclosing the fees for selling the NFT through them.

Manage Your NFTs

The last thing that you would have to do is create more NFTs and start managing them through the platform that you went with.

Try to keep in mind that you would be doing a lot of things in order to attract buyers.

Digital Artists are required to get feedback and check out the latest market trends and needs, which is why it is important to take some time to manage your NFTs and see what’s hot or not in the market.

Also, it is important to interact with potential buyers and collectors to have an overview on what you can do better!

Can You Mint NFTs for free?

Yes, you can mint NFTs for free.

The term to Mint NFTs for free is Lazy Minting, and it is one of the best ways to create an NFT for free.

With Lazy Minting, creators are not required to pay for the gas fees, which makes it free.

But remember, the fees will be paid after the NFTs are purchased and are transferred to the buyer or the parties that want to acquire the NFT.

Is Minting An NFT The Same As Buying An NFT?

No, Minting an NFT is not the same as buying an NFT.

Try to remember this, when you mint an NFT, you become a creator, which allows you to sell the art to a person who is willing to buy the digital art with the help of a smart contract technology, and when you are buying an NFT, you are simply hitting the buy button on a marketplace or a platform so you can initiate the transfer of an NFT in your wallet.

So in short, when you Mint an NFT, you become a creator, and when you buy an NFT, you are buying something from a creator and are simply initiating the transfer of an NFT into your account.

Who Can Mint NFTs?

As long as you have money in your e-wallet, you can mint NFTs.

Remember, Minting prices are not fixed, and most of the time they are known to go higher or could also get lower than usual, however, that depends on the function that you are seeking to perform with the NFTs that you have or are planning to create.

You do have to keep in mind that you will be asked to pay a first-time creator fee, which will be used to initialize or set up your account.

Most of the time, the first-time creator fee is typically around $70 to over $300 USD.

The second fee, which is to grant access to your account will be costing you anywhere from around $10 to $30 USD.

How To Make The Minting Fee Lower?

You will be saving a lot of money and pay low fees to mint NFTs if you are capable of knowing and tracking the days or times when gas fees are lower than the usual rates.

The good thing is that there are platforms on the internet that allows you to track gas fees at any given time, which can allow you to save a lot of money and pay low fees to mint NFTs.

What Is NFT Marketplace?

An NFT marketplace is a digital platform that allows selling and purchasing of NFTs.

These platforms allow users across the globe to store and display their NFTs to sell them to others for cryptocurrency or money.

A lot of marketplaces that allow the selling and purchasing of NTFs are also offering Minting NFTs on their platform itself.

Lastly, each marketplace for NFTs runs its own system, which means that every single one of them has different types of NFTs available, unique payment options, higher or lesser fees, and other rules that depend on which one you will be using.


The process of minting an NFT depends on the platform that you go with, but most of the time the entire procedure to create a digital asset is just similar to one another, however there can be some changes with the payment options, fees and rules.

When it comes to selling your created digital art at a decent value, you are required to manage your NFTs while getting proper feedback and interacting with potential buyers or collectors that can tell you what they need or want from you.

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